Ban Appeal: Pepsilawn

Byond Account: SinfulBliss
Character Name(s): Axle Brady
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): TreyJ#0265
Round ID of Ban: 15165 and 15169
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): 

State your appeal: There are two parts to this ban, so I’ll address both separately. The first is “powergaming.” The ban lists having the QM ID and a box of throwing weapons as evidence I was “powergaming.” This is very confusing to me, because I was bwoinked in-game about this already, and the bwoink was resolved without a ban. It was resolved because I asked the captain permission for it, as I do now for any traitor items that are non-lethal, according to the rules. I simply put a reinforced bola in my secbelt. Also, are throwing weapons even traitor items? I know they spawn in the bar on some maps.

The QM ID was not stolen or powergamed, either. It was due to this situation:
In the image it was on the ground sitting out during a cult round. Since I didn’t want cultists with a QM ID, I took it. I already had cargo access anyway so I did not need nor want it. Also the QM was dead, so I couldn’t return it to him. I was told I should have searched for the HoP to give the ID to him instead. To me that sounds like a pretty horrible waste of time when cult are running around murdering sec with halos, and I also think the HoP was reported to have died (could be wrong though). Either way, this was also already resolved in a bwoink and should not be banned for in some sort of double-jeopardy.

Now to the second part of this ban, which I believe is the actual reason for it (since it was placed long after the above actions). It states there are multiple accounts of me metagrudging a certain player. I assume this is “John Willard” because of the grief report attached. I can state confidently I have not metagrudged them once. The grief report is about me, a sec officer, confiscating a combat shotgun from them, a bartender. To my knowledge the bartender starts with a double barreled shotgun. If there are two bartenders, then one of them simply has to go without it. A combat shotgun is not in the list of approved items for bartenders, so I go to arrest him for it. He flees through disposals and I eventually catch him, although he tossed the gun so it got lost during the chase. I would do this for anybody I see with a weapon that wasn’t approved by the HoS/warden/cap, not just John Willard.

I am banned for three days for picking up a QM ID, holding onto a throwing weapon with permission from the cap, and trying to confiscate a combat shotgun from a bartender. I have no idea what rules I violated. As security I confiscate weapons that crew has unless they start with them. I did this to a miner as well one round when they ordered autorifles and they yelled about making a grief report for it (ICK OCK).

If there are other cases of “metagrudging” that were taken into account for this ban, I would love to hear them so I have a chance to defend myself against them. I don’t metagrudge people, no matter how much I dislike them out of the game. I believe this ban was a mistake and should be overturned, because confiscating a combat shotgun from a barkeep is something I would do regardless of the player with it.

EDIT: Also the grief report is titled “dereliction of duty” and “possible metagrudging.” That’s such a joke because the whole round all I did was my duty - when I’m sec I spend 100% of the round patrolling and looking for the bad guys, I don’t even stop in the bar for a drink usually. It’s also completely unjustified I got banned over “metagrudging” when the report itself isn’t even sure I was metagrudging (says “probably” metagrudging). Like, if you aren’t even sure you were being metagrudged (because literally all I did was arrest for a restricted item), how does a mod look at that and say “yep that’s a ban”?

I’m not sure if this is a unique mechanic here at Fulp or not, but it seems silly someone can be banned without having an opportunity to defend themselves. Bwoinks have a “response” feature for a reason, but these “grief reports” apparently don’t. Getting banned for something like this, which is clearly not metagrudging, worries me about the way the entire system is setup - if a regular doesn’t like you, they can just make a grief report and one of their mod friends will believe them and ban you without even hearing the other side’s rationale.

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Grief patrols aren’t unique to Fulp by any means. It’s the only way we can really enforce server rules when staff can’t be online. You’ve also already been told before that sec officers can’t keep and use antag gear; the captain can’t grant you permission to break server rules, and they should definitely have been warned about granting this exception if this actually happened. Either way, you knew you shouldn’t have antag weapons and did, so this ban was placed correctly. Please read our rules before you come back. Denied.