Ban appeal: Prencutss Game id: 10370

=> Byond Account: Prencutss
=> Character Name(s): Andrei Birsan
=> Discord Name: Prencutss
=> Round ID of Ban: 10370
=> Ban Message: Rules Broken - Escalation 1 & 3 (Escalation resulting in murder only acceptable within reason, Over-Escalation)
Reason - As a non-antag chef, when another chef hit you once, presumably as an accident, you bought them near crit and forcefed them acid to kill them. You’ve been warned before about over-escalation. Use this time to read and understand our rules.
=> I was the chef and while I was cooking another chef came and punched me for no reason. I chokehold him(that attack move dont damage the targeted player) and let him unconscious for about 20 secs then I picked him up.After 30 secs, he came back with a fire extinguisher and a green beaker, he threw the fire extinguisher at me, then wanted to throw the beaker but I aggresive grabbed him and he dropped it. I chokehold him again, threw him out of the kitchen and fed him the contents of the ebaker, then woke him up. after talking to a admin named Manray0, I was in the kitchen and the same guy came in with a welding fuel tank and weld it and blew the kitchen, killing me, destroying the ingredients. I told the admin what he did, he never responded back and banned me for 3 days. I understand I was wrong, but I didnt killed that man, he had time to go to medbay to heal, in exchange he blew a welding fuel tank in the kitchen…

After how you treated the banning staff member in regards to this, I’m not even going to look into the ban appeal.