Ban Appeal - QuaintSun1

Byond Account: QuaintSun1
Character Name(s): Bofe, Dr Bofe, Nick Sax, Iain Gurgeh
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Lord Beefcake#3115
Round ID of Ban: 20149

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: When I first joined the server, I skim-read the rules, thought ‘yep, pretty standard MRP stuff’ and started playing. Obviously, I shouldn’t have done that, since there were rules of which I was unaware. I totally get the ‘nig’ thing, and I can see why Israel would be considered an inappropriate topic, so of course those won’t be touched again. The ‘sexual content’ mentioned was a two-line joke about having a small penis that made no actual reference to sex beyond the word ‘penis’ itself. That one, I also get - I hadn’t read that the server was for minors at the time, but I have now. Going forward, of course, whenever I come back, I’ll be sure to reread all of the rules again - both OOC stuff like policies on slurs and IC stuff like acceptable killing of antags.

I think it would be reasonable to ask that my ban be downgraded to some length of timed ban. I think this is reasonable firstly because the sexual content one seemed like a pretty open and shut case, with the rule being clarified, me politely apologising and saying I wouldn’t mention sexual content again. Secondly, though I understand that there is a hard line against slurs, from my perspective, as the sexual content one seemed like a separate issue, it seems that I went from zero to permaban with no opportunity to be corrected or improve. As Aries (can’t remember the exact CKey) can hopefully attest, I have ahelped regarding rules a few times now, and have always been cooperative and polite in Admin PMs - so I have shown that I do care about proper conduct. All of this is to say that I am not some tider who comes onto servers and acts like a monkey until thrown out - I stupidly didn’t read all of the rules at first, and if my appeal is accepted will of course do so in full prior to coming back. I quite enjoy this server, and I want to play properly on it.
Thank you.

I also had ahelps with you and you were quite polite indeed.
Kinda sad when I read your name here for a ban that is serious.

I will trust that it won’t happen again but do know that any issue like this will be back to perma and the next one won’t be appealed.