Ban appeal Role ban

Byond Account:jeansceem
Character Name(s):Markieff Francis
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Mr_Cleanedz#8235
Round ID of Ban:20303

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: I was banned perma banned from medical roles. Specifically the chemist role. Horatio is the admin who banned. The round started and I was a traitor. I am new to being a traitor and only have been it probably like 3 other times I have been playing this game. I started the round acting like a normal crew member and like an hour in began prepping to kill some of my objectives. I kept on making mistakes with the chem factory and blew myself up once and died. Then, this second explosion is what got me banned. The explosion was huge and blew up pretty much all of the chem lab.( there is another name for it but I don’t know it) My main reason as to why I shouldn’t get perma banned from medical roles is that I didn’t actually do it on purpose. I think I died 30 seconds before the explosion because I burnt myself to death with napalm and phlogiston. That was also an accident. As soon as it happened Horatio came to the rescue and immediately said I was going to be perma banned from the sever. I then started trying to explain to him that the chem factory just exploded for no reason. I still don’t know why or how it exploded but it did. He asked me why I was making explosives and I told him I was a traitor and a chemist; so obviously grenades would be a good option. He still pushed on and said I was going to be perma banned from the medical role. I was baffled from the idea. I shouldn’t be perma banned from a role and for a mistake that was fixed in 2 minutes by other players. I understand you might want to punish me, but a perma is ridiculous. like 3 days is way more reasonable. I could really type like 2 more paragraphs as to why I shouldn’t be perma banned, but my writing skills are terrible and I don’t think you wanna read anymore so I just want to be a chemist again, please take off the perma ban.

You keep fucking up as chemist and you won’t get away with exploding medbay multiple times, not with the reason that you are a traitor and much less with the excuse of being a mistake.

You already used all the good faith we could put on you and I’m not going to appeal your ban just for you to break the rules again and be banned a week from now.


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