Ban Appeal: Rose Realta

Byond Account: SuperMarioKain
Character Name(s): Rose Realta
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): StarStrike#5569
Round ID of Ban: 16830

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Banned by host: You, or another user of this computer or connection (SuperMarioKain) is banned from playing here. The ban reason is: Core 2- self-antag Once again sef-antagging with golems. You’ve been warned repeatedly about this and continue to do it, so there’s no reason to think you’re going to stop anytime soon. Round 16830
This ban (BanID #22409) was applied by Horatio22 on 2021-09-26 01:24:42 during round ID 16830. This is a permanent ban.
State your appeal: i was following big heart and their golems around, having no clue what they were gonna do. after a bit of walking around, we stopped in a room where they made spiders, and ordered their golems to subdue a guy named jenkins. i DID NOT assist in this. i didn’t stop it either, but, i mean, you expect me to be able to stop two golems, a few spiders and their master? nothing i could do about that, even if i didn’t have a quirk that made me weaker. i’d have gotten destroyed if i tried, and then there would have been two people on the ground.
not really expecting to get unbanned, but, y’know. figured i’d try anyway, cause this server is fun and i’d rather not go around trying to find another server i liked.

made an edit to this since it ended up giving me the ban message again, so i put it in.

I’ll post here just because it’s obvious I’m relevant to this case - Rose literally just followed me around, from science to dorms on pubby station, when I said I was taking my golems for a walk. The golems were mine, the orders to the golems were mine, the spiders were mine, they literally had no idea I was a traitor until I ordered my golems to subdue Jenkins. Rose is guilty of literally nothing except for “Being in the same room as a traitor when they revealed themselves as a traitor”. There is literally no reason they should be banned.

Edit: Here are the relevant chat logs of Rose uh…not really being able to do anything? For Rose - Album on Imgur

There’s no way you didn’t know what was up when you followed around those golems and then you did nothing to stop it. This just seems like you wanting to enjoy the golem chaos without taking any of the blame. Also, it’s just terrible RP. You could have easily called to sec over radio and ran, but instead you just sat there.

I’ll reduce the ban to 3 days because it was out of progression, though.

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