Ban Appeal - Rossilaz

  • Byond Account: Rossilaz
  • Character Name(s): Ross
  • Discord Name : Ross#4013
  • Round ID of Ban: 9826
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Here
  • State your appeal: The person I attacked was my friend, who had just downloaded the game but had to go offline. We decided to fight eachother before we logged off because why not. We had also just joined the round.

Not an admin but do you have a way of verifying you two are indeed friends?

For all admins know, you beatup some random guy that you might not really know.

The time to explain that you were friends with the person you were attacking would have been when you were aprisioned so that we could confirm that this was the case. However, looking at your attack logs, you did this to at least 2 people, so your story about it being a consentual fight with your friend doesn’t really hold any water. Additionally, communicating outside of the game’s chat about the current round is against the server rules on metacomming.

Tom applied this ban correctly, so this appeal is denied. Please review the server rules before your ban expires, and make sure you reply to admin PMs honestly and right away in the future.