Ban appeal round 11928

Byond Accound:DevinXoptoh
Character name: Chip Shafer
Discord name: Devin1159
Round ID of ban: 11928
Ban message:

You have been banned by Tom F Hardy from the server.
Reason: Round 11928 - As a nonantag chemist, you beat your fellow chemist to death for making drugs. They didn’t even fight back. This is self antag and you just got off of a ban for this recently.

The reason for “killing” was because during a massive PANDEMIC that a shitter viro caused at round start, I was making a vaccine and attempting to mass produce. The other chemist came up to the chem master and started mass producing space drugs, I put him in crit and put him in medbay, after this he died while I was making the vaccine mass produced for the crew.

While he did not fight back, the chemist goes “funny crew” as a reason for the spacedrugs.
Once again, I can not do my job if someone else is being an idiot and mass producing stuff that isnt required for the crew when there is people dying to the pandemic that is going on right outside of the pharmacy, where he was making spacedrugs.
I do not believe it is my fault he died entirely as he was sat in medbay at the time
Id also like to add that the chemist was not round removed at all and was literally crit when I left them to continue producing the vaccine

Im unsure if this is being ignored or not but I would appreciate a reply off a member of the staff just so I know if it is a lost cause or not

The admin team has lives and jobs outside of spaceman. Sometimes it takes a bit for us to get through everything on the forums. Relax. I was in the middle of pulling logs for this, but demanding a faster response is not how you get one.

Normally, I’d say it’s totally valid to crit and drag out a chemist making drugs during a disease outbreak; however, going off the logs, you already had a vaccine for the virus. You don’t need to actually make any chems (especially when the cure is anacaea) once you have a vaccine, so the pressure of half of medbay blowing up while you’re working on it is over. Also, the only symptom that would do damage in that virus was a fever which, while it was buffed, isn’t really going to quickly murder the crew like alkali perspiration and spontaneous combustion will. While this would normally be within escalation to crit and remove someone from a department, you didn’t even try to use a less lethal method and continued to attack him after he tried to explain himself. He never so much as pushed you in retaliation. Your say logs from that round are also pretty toxic, which is a pattern I’ve personally been seeing from you both IC and on the Discord. Here’s an example of what I mean from that round:

We’re a beginner-friendly server, and dealing with people not knowing what they’re doing is part of that. While you were killing them, they even said they were just trying to make the crew happy. While I don’t disagree with Helian’s decision, I am, begrudgingly, accepting this appeal on the grounds that escalation only requires that you take them to medbay to be revived. I remember you being a really friendly player on the server a few months ago and enjoying seeing you around as a beginner, and it’s disappointing to see you acting this way lately. I hope if nothing else, this will maybe cause you to re-evaluate how you’ve been interacting with the other players. Remember to remember the human.

You should be able to log into the server now. Feel free to ping me on Discord if there are any issues.