Ban appeal: Seek_destroy2

Byond Account: Seek_destroy2 
Character Name(s): ben benson, 
Discord Name bennet #1572
Round ID of Ban: 20866

Ban Message Imgur: The magic of the Internet
State your appeal: this is a mistake I’m not multykeying, me and my brother both play on fulp I don’t even think our ckey’s are the same just similar. I asked the shitm- i mean admin how we could prove we weren’t multikeying and was insta permabanned. as to the reason why both of our usernames are similar is bc we both use seek_destroy as both of our usernames because we USED to have one pc and to denote two people we used seek_destroy as a combination of our xbox live names.

if we need proof that we are two people we will be happy to provide more info

So, even if what you’re saying is true (which I doubt), it would be pretty easy to assume that someone is multi keying if they have the same login addresses and username as another account. Despite this, you still went out of your way to call our staff shitmins. You know ban appeals are usually meant for you to convince us that you’re a beneficial member of our community, right?

Yeah, we don’t want you back. Denied.