Ban appeal: self antag as scientist

Byond Account: TheGayRhinoceros
Character Name(s): Homes Mothington
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): TheFatDog#3356
Round ID of Ban: 18223

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): As a non antag scientist did the usual antag prepping in xenobio, stole security equipment and ‘accidentally’ murdered and stripped a security officer over stealing your scooter, while also hacking into the science security outpost to steal even more security equipment. You then walked around the station with security equipment, pointing to wanted people and telling them that they were wanted. you had discarded your old headset for the security headset, and despite this you said you intent was to return the gear to security, which makes me not believe you in the slightest. This ban will expire in 3 days.
State your appeal:
This is going to be a long one, just a heads up.So I’ll start with the first part. “The usual antag prepping” What I imagine that could mean is me increasing my brute and burn resistance and turning into a golem. This isn’t my antag prepping this is just something I do almost every scientist round, if I was actually antag prepping I would have made my resistances much much higher, then hulked(stun resistance), then augmented (damage resistance),then cut off an arm(can’t handcuff me). I wasn’t “antag prepping” I just like playing as a golem with high resistances. No disease, space proof, and the damage resistance is to increase survivability.
Now onto the “security equipment” section what happened was I took HoS’s dragnet thinking it was a megaphone, a sec officer then proceeded to chase me around chapel trying to get my scooter(not sure why).they eventually got it and took it into maints I pursued. I managed to get their stun baton and energy bola. I then harm batoned them a couple of times and they entered crit. I proceed to strip them and in the process of doing so they die. I put on the sec belt, Hud, and bowman. I then took them to medbay and said “don’t take my scooter again” . I admit taking their stuff was the wrong decision and killing them was over escalation. I don’t have much to add here besides The killing was actually an accident. I didn’t harm baton them 20 times until they died, they died from being in hardrict(still murder but not intentional).
The next section is them about me breaking into the sci outpost and taking more sec equipment then “walking around the station pointing to wanted people telling them they are wanted”. There is a time gap between these events. I didn’t just walk out of med and steal sec equipment then run around. After med I walked back to the chapel(I was turned into a skeleton there and the Devil and Carl were cool so I was just hanging out). After a bit sec starts flashbanging the chapel telling people to disperse, I said”cringe hos” among other things then started stunning sec members. After a while I went back to sci. On the trip there HoS caught up with me and we fought for a bit, Eventually I stam critted them and left them. In sci HoS again caught up with me and handcuffed me. They proceed to take all of my sec gear and search my bag. Afterwards they let me go. About wandering around the station. I went from sci to sec nothing else, as well I wasn’t just pointing to people and saying they are wanted I pointed to one person and told them that they were wanted. I did break into the outpost to take the sec gear that the HoS had left there after stripping me, though my intent was to return the sec gear
Now for intent. Intent is a very hard thing to discern. I’m not very good at convincing people however I do have some things to offer up as to my intent. The only real things that show my intent are that I walked directly for sci to sec with no stops. As well when the HoS was taking my sec gear they forgot the bowman headset and almost left sci before I pointed to them and gave them the headset. And the last piece of evidence is pretty weak but it’s all I really have. It’s kinda hard to quantify this, but this was the nicest HoS I have ever come across. Not only did they not execute me, they also didn’t arrest me at all. They just took the contraband and left me to it. They even removed my handcuffs themselves . As well they “gave me a thumbs up on the drip” when I asked them what they thought of my apparel. I know this isn’t really much but I’d feel like an asshole if I didn’t give the stuff back.
In conclusion I do believe the ban is justified. Even within the context of the round and RP, my actions were pretty extreme. I did murder a sec off and I did steal sec gear and I did start stunning sec in their chapel raid. I just wanted to tell my side of the story and see what the other admins think.

Doing this as a non-antag is exactly what the ban is for. This looks to be applied correctly, and temporary bans that are applied correctly do not get appealed. You’re welcome to come back when your ban expires.