Ban Appeal : Slanes

Byond Account: Slanes
Character Name(s): no idea sorry
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):
Round ID of Ban: 25887

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:
Hello, this round was cut off early and I couldn’t finish my conversation with the admin. I’m not really looking to repeal the ban, I just want to talk about it. I wasn’t intentionally putting people to sleep, I was simply running around the halls making people yawn, you only put people to sleep at very end of the song if they had been listening for a while. Cringe yes, but it was a bit of a boring round, and I had lost my other chap buddy due to mob violence in response to RP (I think? he came back as another job?). In anycase, my shenanigans did cause people to attack me, to which I reply that I did not start a single one of these fights and I did not fight back . I was beaten up and had my instruments stolen over and over. Caveats: I used a taser from a sec who was gonna lock me up in med to take his id and leave the sec room he had me in (which I did because he was being weird and pushing me in walls) I then immediately dropped his ID, pushed an assistant for stealing wood and also killed someone really early in the round that stole a null rod and attacked the other Chaplin. At no point did anyone of real authority tell me to stop with music, I wasn’t even really arrested, only beaten up and let go. Now as to my lying in ahelps, I don’t know what this refers to. I wish I could have spoken more about it but i was banned after the sever crash. Is causing people to yawn griefing? or is it just annoying rp? (rped the music as gods punishment for being mean) is it killbaiting? anymore so then the guys spamming the holy light sound? I only just want clarity on that, and what was thought of as lying, I feel as though it might be due to me being a terrible communicator. I enjoy playing on this server, and I don’t wanna seem like the bad guy my notes make me out to be. nothing I can do about that so I just thought I’d explain a little here.

Anyways thanks for your time.

Gonna stop reading here, go talk on discord, this place is for ban appeals.