Ban Appeal: Smokey McBongwater

Byond Account:SmokeyMcB0ngwater
Character Name(s):Smokey McBongwater
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Smokey McBongwater#3402
Round ID of Ban: 16829

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): The entire conversation
You have been banned by Horatio22 from the server. Reason: Command 1.1, admin interact 0 After being told to change your name and do due diligence to confirm antag status before authorizing round removals, got unnecessarily hostile in the ticket. Appeal on the forum. Round 16829
This ban is permanent. The round ID is 16829.
To appeal this ban go to Ban appeals - Fulpstation

State your appeal: I really don’t think I should have been banned for this. I’ve been here for a long, long while and all of a sudden I’m being banned for an arbitrary evaluation of my name and an obvious skill-issue. Sure, I may have worded things a little differently, stating that instead of reputation in general, it should be more that “my perception of Fulp is being tainted”. I sincerely want to know where I became “hostile” enough to warrant an immediate ban. It was in my honest reception of Horatio that she was having a bad day and instead of opening dialogue trying to figure out what her exact problem is, she bans me. That’s hostility? Alright then.

First edit was fixing a random string of errors. Second edit was just finding out that Horatio is a woman and changing the pronouns accordingly. My apologies.

“You’re being unnessarily (sic) harsh right now brother. What’s up? Need to talk about something?”
“You’re being antagonistic for no reason”
“Sincerely. I think you need to cool down. You’re really tainting’s (sic) Fulp reputation right now.”
“Alright man. Enjoy your day. Really hope you have a good one. You seem like you need it.”

Aggressive might not be the correct word, but this is the reason you were banned for the admin interaction. Nothing on the admin’s side warranted the sort of patronizing replies you gave. Clearly, you don’t get it because you continue to do it in this appeal. We don’t tolerate people talking down to our mods or admins, who are all volunteers and don’t deserve abuse from the players. I’d have banned you for this as well, and I’m sure any of the other admins would agree.

Denied. Wait a month and you can appeal again.