Ban Appeal: Soslannyy (Shalashaska)

  • Byond Account: Soslannyy
  • Character Name(s): Shalashaska
  • Discord Name:Rodrigues#0708
  • Round ID of Ban:12611
  • Ban Message: admitted to metacomming with Phoebe Phillip after wordlessly killing them.
    State your appeal: The only thing me and shalashaska did was message each other to close the game and go watch something, i killed him for something he said irl. I think it would be right the metacomming reason if we killed or told anyone that was antag or something like that. Giving each other items and other stuff, but the only thing we did was suicide ourselves. in the ban it said i killed him, he was critted and healed in a minute.

The ban was reduced to 3 days but I was not unbanned

Hiya, if there’s a next time please go to Ban appeals - Fulpstation before creating your topic so it’ll get the ban appeal tag attached. Fixing it now, thanks!

This is the first post your account has made; there isn’t another appeal associated with this ckey, as far as I can tell

My bad. I didn’t really explain it, it was Belle Felphine’s ban appeal

I’m going to appeal this ban just based on the fact that the other person’s ban was appealed; however, in the future, you need to A. write your own appeal and B. not metacomm. Please be aware that staff have been told to watch you and the other party specifically for this. You should be able to log into the server again. Feel free to ping me if that’s not the case