Ban appeal - Spaceman3 v2

Byond Account: Spaceman3
Character Name(s): No idea
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): No
Round ID of Ban: 13538
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): 22

State your appeal: I got angry at someone griefed and i told the admin to kill themselves. I apologize, this admin wasn’t the asshole that i was mad at but an innocent bystander.

The reason why i treat ss13 admins like shit is as follows:

On Goonstation i am currently permabanned for throwing into the gibber two players that had already left the game and had no intention of coming back and to this day don’t even know that i even killed them. They also claim that i ban evaded on their server but that’s entirely made up.
On this server (fulp) i was banned for clicking on a vending machine with harm intent and then Tom lied in my ban note and claimed that i was attacking another player via metagrudge because i thought that it was him. I clicked on a player with a harmbatton once and that second part is completely false i have never metagrudged someone i can’t even remember player names. He laughed at me after.
On /tg/ station i am currently permabanned for stating over the radio that i would give out free AA access as HOP and then not doing it. I am also banned for making anti marxist comments in a locked room to myself over multiple rounds to trick the tg admins up. They didn’t even care, being banned for talking to yourself in a locked room is insane. I was previously permbanned on /tg/ for clicking on a glass panel with harm intent once and this is enough for their entire admin team to claim that i was “only there to grief”. Political reasons too, they’re claim i got banned from their forum for bigotry for saying the n word. I didn’t, i merely station offhand in a thread YWNBAW to nobody in particular and the head tranny admin did what a tranny jannie does best. These shitters even accused me of using a VPN what the hell.
On Kiwistation i am banned for throwing up after eating food which the admin claims was a metagrudge and i’m part of some conspiracy to be a shitter. I’m really not how is throwing up even that serious to earn a permban? Also i opened the SM door and got flung into it by the air pressure which propelled me two tiles as soon as i opened the door. This was a genuine mistake but they won’t care.

All my bans on BeeStation and paradise station were legitimate bans and the admins weren’t being dicks and thus i’m not banned on these servers. Yes, that’s right i’m not banned on HRP paradise station. I’m not banned on BeeStation.

And you’re right i’m not a “proper reasonable adult” im not even a functioning human being and never will be i’m disabled.

You have never ever given me the benefit of the doubt and always assume that i’m part of some conspiracy, that’s atrocious so i’ve been atrocious back at you.

Bruh. In this ban appeal you literally use ‘trans’ as a homophobic slur. Yawhat.

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I don’t care what your excuses are. If you aren’t willing to own up to the fact that you said an awful thing by your own volition, you won’t ever be unbanned here. You don’t get excuses for telling people to kill themselves multiple times.

Appeal denied.