Ban Appeal - Spacenerdenthusiast

Byond account : Spacenerdenthusiast
Character name : Random
Discord Name: Dont have a discord
Round: 23338

Hey there its been a while, Im not sure exactly what happened but I wouldn’t purposefully waste a chance to have fun with some dumb stuff like dropping people in space. I can’t say I played the alien too much but if I did drop them in space I never meant to and im sorry. The controls can be a little weird sometimes and I don’t think I would want to ruin my fun round with dropping someone in space when i could simply not drop them in space and have more fun. sorry

Dropping people in space isn’t what you’re actually banned for. The ban was placed due to you having multiple accounts (the other account listed is zuifar3hydro). Do you plan on exclusively playing on SpaceNerdEnthusiast?

Yeah i plan to play exclusively on this account

Sorry for the long delay on this. Your appeal has been accepted for the spacenerdenthusiast ckey but will stay in place for zuifar3hydro. You should be able to connect. If not, please let me (or another admin) know.