Ban Appeal Sterlok #2

Byond Account: Sterlok
Character name: Micah Mcullen
Round ID: 10559
Ban Reason: You have recited ERP novel over common radio. You have enough hours on this server to know that ERP is not tolerated.

This is true but I’m questioning the ban because everything I said was from a book in the in game library.
I understand recitation of OOC resources being banned. If in game books can’t be recited I’m fine and have no problem with it, just checking for clarification.

I understand the confusion around this being an IC book and you reading it aloud, however this does not excuse the act itself. I will lower this ban to 3 days due to the confusion, but you really should have known better. For the record, we have deleted books like this in the past from the database but it isn’t easy to keep them all out of the library.

Ban appeal partially accepted.