Ban appeal Strange_Boi or the tale of how you cant even Roleplay in SS13 anymore

Byond Account: Strange_Boi
Character Name(s): Bar-Deetwos
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):PepegaSandwich#7295
Round ID of Ban: 22285

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: Captain went full lunatic and decided to make North Korea Station 13 with stupid laws and delusions. Me being against those iditic things, but being kinda interested in this kind or RP decided to go against caps sayings and be the counterforce of his opinions and was trying to talk sense to him. I didnt mean any of rude things I told em, it was actually fun and laughable. I liked the way AI cathed up and started to counter me and say that I am false prophet and other stuff.
Just to make it clear, I didnt hurt anyone, I didnt incite a riot outside just saying riot , I did not attacked or helped attack any sec, head or captain themselves. I did cut off some public cameras, light rebeling because thats what roleplay is, I dont need antag role to disagree with someone to this degree. I bribed CMO for loudmic headset and went shitposting and propagading about captain being delusional, wrong and crew to rebel against the stupid (but ultimately funny laws cap made) If someone decided to go and hurt someone, thats not my responsibility. Whats more horrific is that admin decided to go to such degree to FIND a reson to ban me with which I completely disagree. Check screenshots for that. They actually went full rude mode in the end despite me being quite polite and explaining bizzare things with calm intentions. Like, using the logic this admin applied to me, captain get ultimate opinion power over everyone else, and we all should act like we are NPCs and nod our heads and just be somewhere, completely silent until we are called. Please, get this in order. Please check logs yourselves so I wont be called a complete liar. If something is different or not included here, I will admit it if you show me.
Sorry for imgur, new forum account and yada

Do you know what the word “inciting” means

Look mate, I dont want any further beef with you, I would appreciate if you left me alone and let others procces this one. Thanks. Its just to much hostility for me.

By the way just checked the rules and found this

I see it, but to self antag I need to perform a legit action, not just shitposting over radio over breaking some inexpencive stuff and turning sensors off.

Yes, encouraging people to kill the captain is considered acting as an enemy of the station. Good job!

Using comms to encourage people to break server rules is considered a “legit action”. Trust me, I know what the intent of the rule is.

Then why dont you share some logs where I am talking anything about killing captain. I am sure its in your powers.


Hope this helps! It keeps going on so long I feel like this is sufficient enough to say you were self antaging and trying to encourage other players to also break the rules and go kill the captain. You weren’t an antag and didn’t have a reason to try and get people killed. And before the “ItS rP” You cant RP as a serial killer / terrorist and think thats not self antaging. Trying to get other people to rebel is called ban baiting

Your terrrible Karen attitude has ensured this ban is bumped to a perma. Staff do not have to put up with your abuse and the community doesn’t have to put up with your toxic behavior. You can try to appeal again in 6 months.