Ban appeal tenebris1

Byond Account: Tenebris1
Character Name(s): Hank Weinstein
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Tenebris#4593
Round ID of Ban: 20466

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
Banned from Roles: Research Director, Science Deputy, science, Scientist, Roboticist, Geneticist for 3 days - Core 2- powergaming As a non-antag xenobiologist, made yourself a golem, then copied yourself with a cereluean crossbreed, then went and got augmented to make yourself virtually unkillable, then started saying that you were going to go get revenge on your killer. This is obviously a play to win mentality that doesn’t lend itself to an RPG.
State your appeal: First and foremost, correct me if I say anything that is wrong in this appeal and correct me if so, and second, im making this ban appeal because of 2 things, first is that you said I was not an antag that round when I was one, and second is that you blamed me to have mentality to win when I did have objectives. what happened was when I was doing xenobiology, an Heretic comes and kidnapps me, then tells his golems to beat me to death, and because I had a cerulean crossbreed, I took control of the clone made by the crossbreed, then I went to others to ask for help, asked them to tell who is the heretic and ask for comms to threaten him, I went for robo to get augmentations because I knew the heretic needed me dead, and when I was gaven surgery, I got bwoinked. I didnt answered in the best way, I didnt say all because of nerves at the moment, but I didnt insult Horatio, the admin handling the ticket. I had a different situation with her, but that doesnt belong here. This may have been an honest mistake from both parts.
with best regards, Tenebris1.

To save the admin who handles this from having to check, they were a thief which does not have the same flexibility with server rules as a normal traitor.

You either didnt care to see or ask if I was any kind of one, lied about it, or you asked and I didnt answer, with the last being the most possible, however I cannot remember all of it and I didnt copy at the moment the logs, but please check them.

What you did was acceptable within the situation. I have removed the ban now.