Ban Appeal - Testiclese

Byond Account: Testiclese
Character Name(s): Might’ve been Toyota Tacoma but it could’ve been another car name too
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Regular Ol’ Spud#9374
Round ID of Ban: 11285
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: I got banned for 1 day for flaming a sec which was fair so I didn’t play the server for a few days and when I come back it says I was perm banned for all these things I’ve never done. I didn’t even know what golem tiding was until one of my other friend’s that plays told me what it was, I’ve only ever been a golem once and it happened end of round after I ate something and turned into one and it was at the end of round and I didn’t do anything as it. And as for atmos, I’m a newer player and don’t even know where atmos was I only ever played janitor or rarely I’d play clown. I would literally get on and mindlessly clean stuff as janitor when I was bored. And during my time off fulp I played another station and gained a bit of a liking for chef so I thought maybe fulp would have some more updated stuff for chef than the other station only to find that I was banned. I more-so wanna get unbanned just so I can play the game with some friends of mine that usually exclusively play fulp.

I was online during the described events. What happened: atmos was making bz/plasma. It was in the mixing chamber at one point which may have been due to OP piping it through but couldn’t say for certain, might’ve been other atmosians. OP definitely turned on mix to distro which caused bz/plasma to go into distro. They also were fiddling with other pipes.

Would personally say it’s plausible that they were just fiddling with pipes and didn’t know what they were doing. Just my take on it, if the logs speak differently then ignore what I said.

Was the in game name Testiclese? Cause I never had that as my in game name only as my byond account name, and I genuinely don’t remember any of this happening. I’ve never messed around in atmos cause my buddies only told me I should play the simple roles cause I’d prolly get yelled at hard if I played the more complicated ones. The only time I flooded anything was when I accidentally flooded the station with water as janitor cause I messed around with the water vapor thing not knowing what I was doing. I literally don’t know how to mess with atmos you can check my hours I mainly only play janitor

This ban appears to be mistakenly applied to this account. I’ll look into whoever actually did it and unban you now.

Appeal accepted.