Ban Appeal: TheGayRhinoceros

Byond Account: TheGayRhinoceros
Character Name(s): Homes Hippo
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): TheFatDog#3356
Round ID of Ban:17223

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Banned for Killing captain on escape shuttle during mutiny as a non-antag displaying toxic behavior. Violation of core rule 2.
State your appeal: Unlike every other appeal I have written I do not remember the event that is described in the ban message very well. From what I remember though there were a bunch of people attacking the captain. I think I may have shoved him or hit him while he was down. I don’t remember
me killing him, nor do I think that my interjection into the situation actually affected the outcome. Although I understand that RDM isn’t allowed. I also don’t remember being toxic, at least to my standards. This is all my memory though and I may have misremembered the situation. I would really like someone to tell me what actually happened, and also if possible give me a definition of “toxic behavior”. Thank you.

Edit: I have found the grief patrol of the round and it has helped jog my memory. From what I remember on the shuttle I don’t even think I attacked the captain at all. That is still my memory though so might be wrong.

You hit the captain 7 or so times after they were dead, while a few mechs were beating on them. The toxicity probably comes from you insulting the captain as you attacked them, which wasn’t great but wasn’t really rulebreaking either. I’ll remove this ban now.