Ban appeal (This one again)

Byond Account: Admiral_Lazuli
Character Name(s): Lazuli Storm
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Admiral Lazuli'#6499
Round ID of Ban: Don't Remember

Ban reason: (Shaft Miner)Said kys, once to a scientist, once to a det. Broke into sec, planned a raid on sci when we didnt get mining tech, and claimed lavaland as a miner
Message: Okay so, I know the last one got denied, but i will tell you te exact truth. I blatantly lied and gaslighted Joyce after I got caught. I also threw a pity party afterwards, (Also, forgot to say that i threatened to ‘get banned’ from CM) and now that I look back on it, It wasnt the best idea. Do I feel bad? Yes. And no, I’m not ‘allergic’ to telling the truth. I have a comprimise, since i want back on and you guys dont want me to lie. If I lie one more time in an admin ticket, I will never return

Also, I take full responsibility for all of my actions. The other people mentioned in the grief patrol do not deserve to get punished, as I was the one who initiated it.

P.S. It said brief, so i put a brief desc

You don’t just get to keep spamming appeals until one gets accepted. This was denied. It won’t be re-reviewed until 6 months have passed. The fact that you think you’re in any position to compromise is laughable.

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