Ban appeal: Thotticus deadPIXEL#4383

Byond Account: Thotticus
Character Name(s):
Discord name: (putting ohgodhelpme’s as i dont have discord deadPIXEL#4383
Round ID of Ban: 10426
Ban Message:image

Basically I was drunk IRL, Called someone a slur, then spaced myself with an admin.
I would like to sincerely apologise for my actions, I promise i will not repeat these actions, I was fairly new and didn’t think to read the rules, and i apologise.

“ohgodhelpme” was genuinely not me attempting ban evading, That really was my roomate. I know that may sound like another excuse, but i promise it isn’t. I got him banned through my own stupid actions, and for that I also apologise.
I guarantee I will not repeat the actions I commited previously, and will not raise my hands to any other player unless in self defense

If you would like your ban appeal to be considered, please use the proper format.

Looks like its in the correct format now, posting to bump so people see as it doesn’t really update the post as being updated from the edit.

Also for future note towards OP if you get unbanned, even when doing something non-bannable it’s best to write an ahelp ingame by pressing F1 saying you play with someone else thats in your household. Admins will simply leave a note on both your profiles saying you play with each other, otherwise it’ll look like your on your second account.

This is how me and my GF are able to play on this server together.

did it. Is this better?

The bans on both accounts have been appealed on the condition that future bans applied to one account will also be applied to the other to prevent evasion.
You should be able to access the server with both accounts now.
Thanks for submitting an appeal!