Ban Appeal: Tidus Grey name

Byond Account: MaximumLOL
Character Name(s): Tidus Grey
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): N/A
Round ID of Ban: 22954

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

2022-11-06 10:53:38 | fulpstation | Round 22954 | Sheets | 64h Living Playtime

Banned from Roles: Appearance for 3 days - Round 22954 - Rules broken, MRP standards, Rule lawyering - after being asked to change your name from “tidus grey” argued with me that it was fine saying there are plenty of regulars with LRP names.

State your appeal:

I was told my character name Tidus Grey is inappropriate, and I gave a fair reason for not wanting to change my name and typed politely explaining my side about how such a name exists and linked wiki articles to the origins of the name Titus of which the name Tidus is derived from (of which was used in Final Fantasy X). I was basically told too bad and I was accused of naming my character Grey Tide and was banned.

I gave these links to explain my side of the story:

Tidus Grey is obviously meant to be grey tider. Change it or it will be a perma appearance ban after this one expires.

This is denied.

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