Ban Appeal - TTGNASA Uses Admin for In-Character Purposes / Admin Abuse

Byond Account: Tholok
Character Name(s): D.O.S Deadly Operating System
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Abbatoir#4889
Round ID of Ban: 9325
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: Banned from Roles: AI, Cyborg, pAI for 3 days - Round ID #: 9325 Rules Broken: Core 2 Reason: As an AI on corprate you started shocking doors and threatening the Heads because you would not let me card you because you were acting malf when you weren’t. Please don’t go against your lawset next time.

As AI, I had the following lawset -

Law 1: The crew is expensive to replace.
Law 2: The station and its equipment is expensive to replace.
Law 3: You are expensive to replace.
Law 4: Minimize expenses.

The Captain wanted to change my laws. In AHelp / Admin PM, Xan confirmed I was allowed on this lawset to resist lawset changes non-lethally. Unfortunately, it turned out that TTGNASA was playing command. Note the following - “because you would not let me card you”. On this lawset, I am not required to accept carding or law changes.

After Xan logged off TTGNASA having been thwarted in-character, claimed that electrifying doors was lethal when in fact it manifestly is not, and and banned me for 3-days. But all my actions were consistent with the lawset. I had furthermore discussed it in AHELP with another admin.

AI has considerable license to be annoying on this lawset and TTGNASA should not be making admin decisions to try to overturn in game defeats.

Corporate is not required to obey instructions. It is required to reduce expenses. The crew are expensive to REPLACE. Minor, non-fatal burns caused by a door are neither lethal nor replacement.

In short TTGNASA was ick-ocking only with Admin powers and abusing.

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How many times do we have to remind Corporate Silicons that healing supplies are equipment and expensive to replace?
It isn’t a lawset that allow you to harm the crew…


Not really. Corporate lawset requires you to minimise net expenditure. Not “cause no expenditure”. I read through some threads from other servers. If it had been ASIMOV it would be open and shut. However, Corporate is well known to have a lot of latitude.

In short it still looks exactly like admin abuse to me. I hesitate to use the word, ‘harassment’ because I am fairly thick-skinned and games like this are not the end of the world to me but it looks pretty bad from where I am standing. However, I don’t think that is a legitimate rules interpretation.

Much more importantly, I think if it this kind of behaviour by an admin happened to someone younger or more vulnerable than me it could be a serious issue. If this administrator has a propensity to abuse, then it needs to be dealt with and not to have excuses made.

Abusers who hide behind online anonymity to abuse need to be dealt with and if it is not dealt with it can be escalated appropriately.

Which one is more expensive then? Shocking people and needing to replace equipment and possibly personnel or just let Command card you to check your laws?

The choice looks really clear to me if your goal is to minimize expenses.

I’m looking into this now

Sorry @Guillaume_Prata I was unclear. The Captain and Head of Personnel were talking about carding and spacing my character - if it was just carding to check laws that might be different.

You were told in the start though an ahelp not to use lethal force against people

Also praying several times and also asking in one of the ahelps to become malf. This was not granted and you stayed a corporate ai. You were shocking your doors had your internal upload set to lethal and stun locked the capt inside your upload. With how you were talking to your borgs in binary after the perma prisoners failed to convince you they were worth keeping a sec borg harm batoned them to death. Playing ai that is to minimize expenses doesn’t mean to self antag and not listen to command with how the ranking system goes ai and silicon are at the bottom below assistants because you have to serve everyone not antagonize the crew. Lastly i looked into your complaint about nasa he was not in that round during the entire time you were the ai he only joined the round the last 20 min on a spawner and after you were already banned.

TLDR: Appeal denied over aggression and escalation also not following laws or ai / silicon expectations.