Ban Appeal:Ugerwashy

  • Byond Account:Ugerwashy
  • Character Name: Cannot remember was random
  • Discord Name : Ugerwashy#2976
  • Round ID of Ban: 3257
  • Ban Message: Screenshot - c4f6ef952c87671bfddc15f4ea7101f5 - Gyazo
  • State your appeal: The reason that I attacked the other bartender is that at the time, I was experiencing a very strange issue with my game. It was incredibly laggy despite a good connection and strange things were happening. I noticed I was dying and not of o2 or anything I believe, the only person that was around was the other bartender so I thought they were traitor and trying to get me. The issue became so bad that I had to eventually kill myself just to leave the game. I understand that I messed up and didn’t see the ahelps contact as I believe I just completely closed the game afterwards. I did not intend to grief and will not if allowed back to play the game.

this ban is from 2 years ago im more surprised you remember it. Appealed welcome back please read our rules we’re mrp now!