Ban Appeal: Ulanyfrajer again... atleast hear me out before bumping to perma?

Byond Account: Ulanyfrajer
Character Name(s): i domy remember
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Chuj12
Round ID of Ban:

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: (i asked just asked for the details and you closed it lol)
i dont know how far your logs reach but i wanted to play security that round (so you know mindshield and all) i usually play on fulp when there is lowpop so i didnt even think that the job slots might be full thats why i selected only security officer instead of selecting also warden and detective on lower priorities.
i played that day 2 barkeep shifts and i didnt wanted to play third
now thinking about it i could just go to HOP line but i didnt think about it earlier
so i dont really know how could i antag roll with intend to play mindshielded character?
i also have had asked you in tickets before to remove my antag roles as i A. have health issues that cause me to end the game randomy B. i forget to turn off antag rolls and then i actually roll it when i dont want to which i think is proof that i dont care about antag role that much.
first note saying that i antag rolled was when i admitted that i didnt know its even a rule so giving me perma now feels like overreaction.

i somehow forgot to add ban message it was: Core 2 Antagrolling, Suicided roundstart round 20866

It is a perma with a 50 hour playtime requirement to lift. This isn’t the same as a normal permaban. It takes 10 seconds to send an ahelp letting us know you need to leave. You aren’t required to stick around for a response if it is urgent. For a player without notes, this would likely be accepted, but you have admitted to antag rolling.

Also please don’t submit multiple appeals for the same ban back to back. If you need additional info, I recommend asking on the discord.