Ban Appeal-VinceX

Byond Account: Vanderbot
Character Name(s): Dick Kickem, Cock Rockem
Discord Name (ie: VinceX#4307):
Round ID of Ban:#19258
Ban Message 


State your appeal: Was trying to RP a deeply belligerent character as workplace tension is a cool mechanic. Other players may have taken it personally and I apologize for that. The admin claimed I was making slurs, but cuck, rape, or discord groomer to my knowledge are not slurs. I can see how discord groomer is bad RP however. Again, think of how many times you’ve watched cops and seen the perp claiming the officer was assaulting or mistreating them. It was all in good fun. Sorry if this offended. I will definitely tone it down in the future, no workplace scuffles, and I wont be an absolute bastard to SEC. My friends enjoy this server very much, so they will hold me to it. If you feel hesitant simply over engineering performance I would be fine with a role ban just so I could have fun with my friends on your server.

I’m not sure how appropriate it is for me to comment on this thread, so apologies if I’m out of line, I’ll remove the comment immediately. I’ve interacted with Vanderbot’s character across several rounds as HoS, and was the player who initially brought this to Admin attention. Vanderbot’s workplace tension RP has put them in conflict with other engineers on multiple shifts, which makes both engineering’s job (and ultimately sec’s job when the fighting starts) much harder than it needs to be.

The part I found particularly upsetting during the round though was the very frequent comments about rape when I arrested Vanderbot’s character, especially about how I had been touched by my father. I’m a survivor of sexual assault, and one of the reasons I play solely on Fulp is because the mod team is usually good at keep sexual assault mentions out of the chat. I really don’t want to be reminded of the worst day of my life every time I go to play spess game.

How would I know anything about you as a person, the OOC chat exists for a purpose. You could have expressed this. Also I don’t think you understand that the point of SS13 isn’t uneventful rounds of perfect automatons going about their tasks. Its flawed human characters, making flawed human decisions which result in interesting and hilarious consequences.

Server rules are there so that I don’t need to tell you I’ve been sexually assaulted.

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Give me a single reason why people should have to give you in-depth explanations of them as a person and any abuse/discrimination they faced their life for you to know what can/cant be said, rather than just not allow it at all because these “jokes” are already against the no ERP rule, as we’re one of the few servers that allow minors on it.

Oh boy I’d love to have to go in OOC every day every time I meet a new person and explain my entire life’s history and detail my abuses that I totally want to go into, just so the person I’m talking with doesn’t say things that are already against the rules.

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Locking this thread until another staff member can properly review this.

To everyone else a re-reminder to not “peanut gallery” on grief patrols/ban appeals unless you were directly involved in the incident in question.

Just because it happens in real life doesn’t mean we want it happening on the server. We’ve banned people before for screaming “rape” when sec arrested them. Rape jokes aren’t funny, and we don’t welcome them here. They’re explicitly against server rules for the reasons mentioned above. Previous Admin Rulings | Fulpstation Wiki

Denied, obviously. This behavior isn’t welcome here, and you were warned.