Ban Appeal: WalfasWolfy

Byond Account: WalfasWolfy
Character Name(s): Katt Purrsyr
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Wolfy
Round ID of Ban: 12812
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: 

First off the valid hunting bit is a load of shit. The captain literally dragged a guy into the brig when it was just me in the brig at the time and basically told me to hold onto some demoted sec officer who threw a Stingbang at him and he wiggled free from my grasp while in cuffs so I had to chase him down and reacquire him, this is not valid hunting this is literally direct face to face orders from the head of the station with no one else around to handle the job.

The “”"“Harassing”"""" part is literally just me smacking people with the Training toolbox gag item that does literally zero damage to people, Head of security literally had zero problem with it. He literally laughed and uncuffed me when another officer arrested me thinking i was toolboxing him and then the same officer that arrested me apologized and said “Reading is hard” cause he didn’t see the “training toolbox” text from me whacking him with it and he laughed and ran off to go do his work. This shit wasn’t harassment it was literally just harmless goofing around that harmed nobody and caused no disruptions and multiple people played along with it.

The In character bitching I did yes. yes I did. Probably has something to do with me checking my admin remarks mid round out of curiosity cause horatio loves to slap stupid ass admin remarks on you for no reason whenever he’s the one that bwoinks you, only to find out I’ve been accused of “Valid hunting and harassing security” and getting role banned from a brand new role for “Not playing the way the role is intended” while I’ve got a fucking medical cyborg parked in my workspace taking my job from me so i’ve got jackshit to do besides run around and goof off.

I don’t care if I get a full unban or what but this 28 days bullshit is literally just built off two blatant lies and Horatio getting his ego bruised cause he decided to role ban me for not standing around in a 4x4 square playing the game the way he wants to see it played in the brig spectating a medical borg healing the rare few injured people walking into the tiny brig medical area that nobody gives half a shit about in the first place so nobody goes to it besides dead inmates and the ocassional dead or injured officer.

You have been 1 month banned for complaining IC about staff and using some colorful language after you got job banned for 3 days (THE HORROR 3 days without 1 job to play!!!) and some random sexual comments for… some reason???

Oh ye, let’s talk about this, in the past you already had issues with sexual content 3 times and also with using slurs 4 times.

Now I get you being angry about your notes, but maybe you should have read your notes about sexual content and like… not talked about sexual things IC again…

It’s quite clear that when things don’t go your way, you go into a rage fit, also clear that you are not trying to improve since you are still making sexual comments after 3 times you have been talked/banned over it.

So I will just make what is best for both of us and you can try to appeal this in a few months if playing in the server is important enough for you, hopefully by that time you will have finally read our rules and follow them properly.


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