Ban appeal: wittlewyatt613

Byond Account: wittlewyatt613
Character Name(s):dont remberber
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): wittlewyatt613#1970
Round ID of Ban: 13295
Ban Message:
banned by host: you, or another user of this computer or connection (wittlewyatt613) is banned from playing here. The ban reason is: round 13295 -core 2). Malicious acts. injected multiple people with HARS then ignored ahelps over this. if you want to actually play the game seriously you can appeal this on the forums. The ban (BanID #17919) was applied by tom f hardy on 2021 03 14 12:05:23. this is a permanent ban.

State your appeal: i did not see the ahelps I never pay attention to the chat. I was just playing i thought it was a funny joke and I will not do it again. I will play the game seriously for now on i was sorry

Admin PMs make a noise for a reason. You need to respond to them right away and read our rules. I’m going to switch this to a 3 day ban instead of a perma since ignoring the ticket looks to be the only reason this was a perma.