Ban Appeal: Xenomorphian

Byond Account:The Xenomorphian 
Character Name(s): Irrelevant (and also I have forgotten)
Discord Name: Xenomorphian#1480
Round ID of Ban: n/a

Ban Message: n/a (its a discord ban)
State your appeal: I suddenly found myself banned from the Fulpstation discord without any info, I hadn’t played on the actual server for about 3 months because although I have the freetime I just wished to do something else with it. I am worried because before I had found myself banned I had been going around to other discord servers posting a video which although permitted where I had posted it would most certainly not be on the Fulpstation discord and what I am worried is that I may have confused the Fulpstation discord with another server and had posted the Video resulting in a ban

If this is the reason for the Ban then Let me say it was a complete and utter accident and I will be more careful in the future as I enjoy the Fulpstation community and Server and the last thing i’d want is to do anything rule breaking on purpose.

No, you were banned for agreeing with another incredibly homophobic member of the discord and then posting some red-flag content in #shitposting. Denied. We don’t tolerate any sort of homophobia on this server.