Ban Appeal: Yakifuji

Byond Account: Yakifuji
Character Name(s): Don’t remember, sorry
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Yaki#4987
Round ID of Ban: 13615
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Core 3 Sexual content, you were saying some blatently sexual stuff IC, if you want to play here again appeal this on the forums
State your appeal: I was waiting for the cook to finish his food and randomly said “Nice ass” to a guy that was next to me. It was not sexually intended, it was just a random message. He threw me at kitchen. I didn’t even had any grudge with him after that, I understood his actions. Thinking about the rules, it was fair for me to get banned after this, but a permanent ban? What about a week? Give me another chance to enjoy Fulp and you’ll never see me here again.

Sexual comments about someone’s body aren’t “random comments”. It’s creepy. It’s intimidating. It’s a whole lot of things but not random. We allow minors to play here; for all you know, the person you said that to could have been 13-14. I’m not going to even consider this if this is what you think is an acceptable “joke” in ss13 or otherwise.