Ban appeals (admin don't Ignore this pls)

Byond Account: xoxmax

Character Name(s):Rhaast
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):x3mk
Round ID of Ban:30511

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Core 3- sexual content Sexually harassed another player and continued to do so after they made it clear they weren’t into it. Round 30511 on 1.22.23
State your appeal: first of all when he she say he or she nah I’m good I stop talking about it and I talk about taking her pda (but I wasn’t gonna do it), and it’s role play game I was act like bad guy or bad personality, and in real life I don’t like boys and I’m not into this things but it’s rp I can act like I want + when the round start there is Message says: about Insult or sexual contact, so why I’m getting ban then? If it’s in real life I don’t care about her him, so I see this ban isn’t a good reason to ban someone.

when she he says (nah I’m good / I’m good) I stop talk about sexual things and talk about the game and last thing he she says I make her feel uncomfortable lol like, I will hack her him or go to his her house in real life wtf.

Don’t forget there is Gen that make you say bad word, so it’s the same.

the admins saw your first appeal please be patient until they have time to handle it

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