Ban Apppeal- Pietro Karishnikov nicer looking version

Byond Account- Dieling

Character Name- Pietro Karishnikov

Discord Name Dieling#0802

Round ID of Ban:13957

Ban Message-Beat someone to near enough death as sec with a stun bat and then claimed it was an accident, although you harmbatoned them 7-8 times, you were warned the round before about poor sec behavior so take a 3 day break to reread our rules Rules Broken: Sec 4.4 Admin interact 4

State your appeal: I went to medbay looking for an assistant who had stolen defibs and saw a guy cuffed to the bed. Doc asked me why he was cuffed and i said i didnt know. In hindsight i should have radioded to Sec as to why but i didnt at the time. Me and the doc healed him up and brought him back to Sec to ask him a question since he wasnt responding in medbay. From there he tried to escape by having others pull him away and by screaming help. I brought him to Sec and threw him in a holding cell just so i can ask him why. Again i hindsight i should have prepared better but i didnt. He ran and i chased him stunning him with a stun baton. Now im fairly new to Sec and have only like 5 real rounds played as them so i dont know what harm batoning someone is. You can check this by seeing that i normally play genticst. I had dragged him back into the cell and he had ran again. This repeated 2 more times before the last time i had help of others who saw it. Right after this the admin had pmed me saying that i had harm batoned him. At the time i had 0 clue what that meant as again im fairly new to Sec. He had claimed that i had put the man at near death which i did not mean to as i was just trying to get stop him from running away by using the stun baton. Someone had mentioned that i was harm batonning the man but i thought they were referring to turning off the baton and beating them which i dont think is possible.The admin then told me that I had done it 7 times to the man which i did not realize as i was misclicking right click. Now this is gonna sound like a petty excuse but my mouse is very sensitive to left and righit clicks as some mice are so while clicking i may accidently hit right click which i dont mean to do. Also there were little to none indications that he was near death as he did not gasp nor say he was near death. And shaking could have been a result of me hitting him with a baton. So to wrap up this very long ban appeal, id like to say im sorry for putting the man near death as i did not know harm batonning was a thing nor did i know how to do till after the admin pmed me and i had searched it up. This is possibly my favorite server and only server i play and i love this game. I promise to try not to break any more rules or cause any more trouble in the future. One last thing i forgot to include. I had told the admin about my sensitive mouse and how that might have factored into the situation but instead he had changed the punishment from being a role ban to a straight up 3 day ban because he accused me of lying which i was not.

Well you already have a recent note for other improper sec behavior, but I can see why you might get confused considering the new combat mode. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here with this one, but in the future, please note that excuses like this won’t fly.

I have reduced the ban to a 3 day security ban instead of a server ban.