Ban on game 9891. (HOS)

First time writing an appeal so give me a break,
Alan Grant (Hos)
Dingo the Dingus (Beyond) “Something along those lines.”

Reason: Round 9891 - (Core Rule 4 - Mispelling of slur, 9 - Avoid antagonizing staff) What would have been a simple bwoink telling you not to use slurs and mispellings thereof turned into you arguing over ahelps and saying to leave you alone so that you could play the round, then antagonising staff in IC chat.

I’m simply baffled I type and quote “I’m trying to get these blood worshiping migs.” or something along those lines and I instantaneously get pinned a racist by some admin I say sorry never meant what you think I meant I’m trying to enjoy my game play. Please leave me alone while getting consecutively harassed IC By the station and OOC by some admin who reckons I would publicly post hate speech in chat It’s ridiculous. stop putting me in your iron sights of DOING MY ADMIN JOB I said sorry never meant what you thought I was going to type and I defend myself and that puts me in the wrong thats fantastic, a simple “bwoink” I am not a racist I am avidly against racism “Except moths.” if this is how all staff carry themselves for that easy Ban win when I know I am in the right and defending myself from an easy bwoink ban me perm.

Yours truly Dr. Alan Grant (enjoying fulpstation).

P.s I’d like to put a complaint against.

Manray0 the staff member who put forward that ban

You might want to read Ban Appeal Template and how to make a staff report.

In regards to you calling moths as “migs”, server rules now state:

4). Hate speech is strictly forbidden. Using the Discord, the SS13 server, or the forums to threaten a group of people or to propagate racial and otherwise prejudiced slurs or stereotypes is a bannable offense. We take this seriously and want to create a server that is welcoming to all people. This includes variations or misspellings of slurs. SS13 is your character’s workplace; if you would get fired for saying it in a modern-day office setting, you shouldn’t be saying it on the server.

5). Discrimination towards in-game sub-species and silicons is acceptable in moderation, but attacking them or otherwise preventing them from playing the round is not. Additionally, terms that are based off of real-life slurs are not allowed.

I do recall users at some point calling Lizardmen as “Liggers” was once allowed but the rules changed on that (not that I was doing so to begin with, I just recall that people were using the term in the past). The rules as of either this year or last year got a massive overhaul so the misspelling of racial slurs (phrases such as “migs” or “liggers”) are no longer allowed.

Source: Server Rules | Fulpstation Wiki

PS: If this isn’t want you were at all going for, then what even is the context of saying the sentence “I’m trying to get these blood worshiping migs.”???

If I can’t type nonsensical bullshit words without being a racist I guess Fulps not for me, I never put the term “Mig.” under a racial stigma towards anyone I simply used it as a “Slang or Slur.” for flavour purposes and I thought I was being silly but apparently I was being racist. I think this entire ban is an admin whoms anger with me telling them to leave me alone is “Antagonizing” making this entire ban and allegations against me a pretense for it.

Says I can’t type Mig and the fact that this still goes on is surprising
What more can I say “Other than sorry which I already did.”. If you really think I was promoting hate speech over the radio when I was just RPing under stress from the entire station I’m over this ban appeal anyhow judging by the responses

Looking through your ahelps with Manray, it’s pretty clear that you A- meant it as a slur, and B- argued with him that there was nothing wrong with slurs. While I recognize that there may be some cultural differences with the gravity of using slurs, this server is American, and we don’t abide by their usage here. In the future, I would recommend not using any slurs based on IRL slurs as they are against server rules and will net you a ban.

That being said, it doesn’t look like you were overly antagonistic in the ticket, and I’ll buy the arguement that it looks like you were trying to make about it being more a case of you not re-reading what you typed rather than intentionally using an abbreviation of the n-word.

I’m appealing this ban and asking that you be more mindful of what you’re typing in the future.

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