Ban re-appeal - Musko

Byond Account: Musko
Character Name(s): Jessie James
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): None
Round ID of Ban: 16488

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: It’s been over a month since I got banned and I’m re-appealing like Helianthus said I could. With that being said I want to share with you how I got banned, and how the situation got blown out of proportion which led to me being banned kind of unjustly.

I got permabanned for saying “What up my Ligga” to a Lizard person while I was playing as a chef that round. I was not being prejudistic in any way, he squinted his eyes at me then walked off and that was my last interaction with them.
I did not even get admin messaged or warned that round. Just booted off and banned.

After I’ve gotten banned I learned that you can’t in fact discriminate on any of the races in the game by using real life terms to parody a real racist slur, which that it completely my fault and I’d like to apologize for that, I really did not know and I though I was being funny.

As for me being warned about racist behavior, I don’t believe that I have been warned by an admin before. I want to see if there’s proof of that because I genuinely don’t remember being pulled in and talked to at any of the rounds I played.

       The only time it remotely got to that point is when in one round I jumped in mid-round as a human doctor and the whole ship was raided with mushroom people, so long story short I was remarking how gross mushroom people are at med-bay, after a while more of me doing that every once in a while the Chief Medical Doctor said if I don't cut it out they would demote me, as well as some other player warned me to stop, but I thought they were just playing along with me, so I didn't think much of it.

No admins warned me there either nor anyone OOC’d to tell me to stop.

I’ve messaged Helianthos about this a couple of days after my ban but he never responded, and I don’t see the message anymore, I don’t know if Pm’s delete after a certain time period but I’d like to know why they never responded at least.

I hope you guy see that I’m not here to ruin anyone’s experience and just trying to play like everyone else, I’ll admit to slipping up a little here and there but I’m only human. It’s really unfair to be banned for something so incomparable to what other people dare to do on the daily. And it breaks my heart to get banned off of my favorite server just like that.

  • Musko

We strictly enforce our hate speech policy, and not knowing the rules ahead of time is not an excuse. We’re generally pretty lenient about people slipping up or joining and not knowing things like antag policy or escalation, but using slurs is about being a decent person, not just following RP rules. You’re clearly making excuses for yourself to justify your own bad behavior; normal people do not just “slip up” and say racial slurs. Be a big boy/girl and take responsibility for your actions. There was nothing unfair about your ban nor your last ban appeal.

This is denied. Learn some accountability and you can re-appeal in a year.

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