Banappeal klingeling for having another byond account?

Byond Account: klingeling
Character Name(s): Gerhard Meyer
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): jungpferngold#9201
Round ID of Ban:10740
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): you, or another user of this computer connection (klingeling) is banned from playing here: Rules broken 2.1: possible not history evasion, matched account: smartbart
State your appeal: I shared my computer with another member of my household and I remember an admin coming up to me asking about the smartbart account. I answered all his questions and got banned. I am back into ss13 and understand more things about the mechanics I guess. I have now a new account and no other server ever (!) asked me about the old ones, since it doesnt matter which acc one uses. It´s the device you use. I didn´t understand that back then and thought it wasn´t allowed to use another acc.

I would like to get unbanned now, to come back and play on my account now… Is that possibe ? And why was I abnned in the first place, if just using another acc

it seems like some of my text was cut out. My last question was: How come I got banned in the end for having another account? On this device I must have 3 accounts now, since I forgot pw of my old account and the now, active and used account never got any problems on servers I played on. I guess it´s all a bit messy but I would really ike to get back into ss13 on this server

So you think we’re too stupid to notice you’re sharing the same static character as Smartbart, as well as the same computer? Multikeying is against the rules to begin with, let alone ban evading and then lying about it. Your ban will never be appealed if you don’t stop lying. Make another appeal in a month if you still want to play.