Banement's mentor application

Byond Account: Banement
Character Name(s): Altjira XC, Weed, Clown (AI)
Discord Name: sonicdragolgo
Age: 21
Timezone: BST
Active hours: I’m primarily active during the night, anywhere between 6pm and 3am on most days.
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: I wouldn’t be a good moderator, I’d rather help as a mentor.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?
06-10-2023 19-32-45

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

I’m (unfortunately) a (med)sec main, so I know all about the different roles, space law, equipment, operating procedures (the different alert levels) and lesser used equipment like the DRAGnet, N-spects and such.

My knowledge about automating chemistry is limited, but other than that, I’d say im pretty good with everything else in medical, I always set my security department to medical.

I know how to do xenobiology pretty damn well, I can research stuff and do experiments and make basic bots like medibots or vibe bots. I’m also decent at circuits. Ordnance I know absolutely nothing about, same with making mechs.

I know the ins and outs of cargo, utilising MULEs, the disposal delivery system and the many(?) other ways to deliver shit on time. I’m a decent miner but I’ve not killed any megafauna, so I can’t help much with that side of mining.

Robust at botany, clowning, mime-ing, just about everything in that department I’m comfortable with.

For a while, I was a command main (slur). I don’t like to play it much anymore, but I’m certainly experienced in the positions of all heads except CE and RD.

I’m also cool with AI and cyborg stuff, but I’ve never been properly malf, only through ions/fucked up lawsets, so I can’t help with that. I got a good understanding of law priority.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

Things on this server don’t run as smooth as they might on TG, but it’s never a boring shift either. Like, on TG you get chemists who make doctors obsolete with their magic heal-all patches, but on fulp, most of the time there’s no big ass chem factories. Honestly, I think that’d a good thing in terms of stuff to do. We’re always getting newcomers, and I feel like it’s a warm welcome, even if fulpstation is hated by other servers.


+1 cool player, very fun to see them in game as well and a silly ai

+1 i see 'em frequent the discord a lot, seems like a cool person :-)

Very cool, love to see 'em around, they are nice to play with.

BST -1
been around probably longer than I have +1
funny clown name +1

verdict: +1

+1 Good lad
+1 A secie main that i never seen being abusive

been here long time +1

Good security player. Never had a bad experience with them as sec.

+1 weed clown was a really funny gimmick

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+1 ethereal main

I got you bestie! +10000000000000 nobody can stop that

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Top notch security whenever I see them on, never had a bad interaction with them, I see them on pretty often
-999 ethereal main

In summary: +1

This has been an ongoing discussion within the admin team for a while, but we have come to the conclusion that this would not be a good fit based on some concerns we’ve had with you on Discord.