Banned by admin for prior run in with tgstation admin

Byond Account: Destructivefinn
Character Name(s): Chinese Mike
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): derekchlorine
Round ID of Ban:29624

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: I told this admin, my side of the story. Which was that a med doctor had killed a blob friend of mine named Jon that instigated a fight between the detective. The fight broke out and i st opped it. and shortly after a med doctor took an extinguisher and killed the blob. I threw this player over a table and beat them up, NOT TO CRIT. after that this admin that was dealing with me asked what happened and before i could say anything, he proceeded to delimb me. after that i was shortly banned because of my prior run in with Tgstation where i was accused of being a ban evasion alt for my account being too new. That situation is entirely irrelevant. what happened there was that I played tgstation for a good 3 hours until without warning i got banned for being an “alt” apparently. this is just a extreme streak of bad luck for me. I just want to play in peace.

Im really confused so im leaving this open

Where you stopping crew from killing the blob who was also played by someone you knew?

yes, i knew from ghost chat

or at least i assumed it was my friend from the way the slime had acted. nevertheless i made it my mission to protect that slime.

if you could unban me it would be an absolute honor, I am completely sorry for everything I had done to harm anyone in the game and i would just like to play this server because it is the currently closest thing I have left to TGstation.

JUST SO YOU KNOW, i was not defending a blob, you know the one with the kudzu that kills people and turns people into zombies, I was defending a slime. if i were to defend a known antag all because it were my friend that would be shitter activity

I will unban you because you seem actually very new but you need to read the rules if you have issues you can ahelp like someone being killed we can take care of it revive people do all that kind of stuff you using meta knowledge is stinky and you need to have a better name if you get banned again cause you didnt read the rules your gonna be stuck that way okay