Banned by GUILLAME PRATA | Ranbee

Byond Account: Ranbee
Character Name(s): Nathan Wright
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): ranbee#8877
Round ID of Ban: 14465
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): You have been banned by Guillaume Prata from
the server.
Reason: Round ID: 14465
Rules Broken: Core 2
Reason: Spammed a troll face in ahelp about your death, bombed medbay with a grenade and said it was a mistake and then later cuffed a miner that was dying and left them in a crate at lavaland saying medbay couldn’t save them. Read the rules and appeal in the forum if you want a second chance in the server.
This ban is permanent. The round ID is 14465.
To appeal this ban go to
State your appeal: Well as a first this admin kept harassing me the whole round without room to breathe, secondly many things stated in his reason are wrong, with that mentioned I can now start. For starters I didnt “spam” trollfaces, I kept hitting keys on my keyboard and because I try to type fast I dont even have time to look at what I wrote. I could have pasted in a whole communist manifesto but it so happened that I had a trollface copypasta in my copy buffer. And again even if I did that intentionally it wasnt “spam” it was in one message. Then this Guillaume guy says that I apparently intentionally bombed medbay, which I was trying to change the timing on it and because of my stupidity I used Z instead of a screwdriver. I threw it away because I dont want to blow myself up, and it didnt even cause a proper explosion anyways. THEN this guy says in pms that I apparently KILLED A MINER WHO WALKED INTO LAVA and said that I needed to take him to medbay even though I was stranded on a mining outpost due to being teleported by bluespace whatever. And the dude who walked into lava wasnt even a miner, and breached the outpost by somewhy breaking a window. That’s it, if this is the experience I get from admins on fulp I don’t see how they even care about what the other person says.

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You were a non-antag chemist and shouldn’t have been making grenades in the first place. I have no sympathy for people who “accidentally” blew things up with weapons they shouldn’t have had. Guil also said in the ticket that he was mistaken that you had killed him, but that you still couldn’t leave the body in a crate. You then injected the body with potassium and water, which would be fine for purging toxins if you were reviving them, but that’s clearly not what you were doing.