Banned by Horatio22: Ban Appeal for UrgBlurg

Byond Account: UrgBlurg
Character Name: Douglas Doogle or Joe Doogle  (I think?)
Discord Name: Do not have discord.
Round ID of Ban: 21398
Ban Message: 

State your appeal:

I wasn’t sure if the perma ban appeal was a 6 month break or if I am even allowed to appeal again, but here it goes!

I know you said last time on my other fulpforum account (I forgot the password for that) my bridge to fulpstation was closed for good. It has been about 8 months since I was banned and I decided to appeal again because I feel like I can do better now and not repeat what I did.

I know I am untrustworthy because I lied to you in that ahelp about the HOP killing me when he really just put me in crit and started dragging me to medbay because I wrongfully broke into bridge.

I was frustrated and that is why I lied, I haven’t lied in any other ahelp on any other server, it was just a spur of the moment to why I did that and I apologise for it.

I would like to play on Fulp again, because I feel I am missing out on it. People on reddit seem to complain about fulp but thats probably just because there banned from it for obvious grief.
I think it is a great server because how moderated it is.

I believe fulpstation just has a very secure player base and I would like to play on a server like that once more. If you feel me staying banned would be best for the server. I can understand that, I wouldn’t want some player who lied to me in a ahelp on my ss13 server either. (if I had a ss13 server that is)

I also remember how I said on my 3rd ban appeal with guillama prata on my doogle account, I would never break any fulpstation rules again and then get banned like a week later again for lying… I will try not to make promises I cant keep.

So I will do my best from now on.

Thank you for your time and I hope you understand.


NOT A LIE but also not a great look. This ban appeal is really well writen and thought out so i will appeal the ban please do note you will be perma banned for any sillies in ahelps. So re read the rules and you’re welcome to come back.