Banned by pepsilawn, appeal for oceanman133

Byond Account:Oceanman133
Character Name(s): Hates-The-Ethics
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):bpetar1207#4880
Round ID of Ban:14198
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Core-2 Admin interaction: After dying to an antagonist and having their ticket marked IC, proceeded to threaten to murderbone the entire station. This isnt the first time such interaction or grief happens, so take a break.
State your appeal: Okay so, the reason im pissed is because as a BB i went to rob vault because a) the same admin who banned me said its acceptable, and b) the deagle would assist in completing my objective. Now, the guy who killed me, was killing hop with a stun baton and a screwdriver? i fucking forgot. I went to shoot him with a deagle, shot him once, or twice, guy just casually runs up to me faster than i run, beats me with stun baton and kills me with toolbox. The other guy who came to help hop decides instead of dragging my body to medbay, he intelligently decides to flashbang the locked in guy and when that fails, he tries to ally with him. Of course i get pissed, ahelp it, ic issue. So i make another ahelp with a shitty threat because im pissed and that lands me a ban. I wouldnt say this ban was 100% correct, because most people make shitty threats when pissed, and ive saw people make way worse threats and admins just ignore them. Maybe my note history has to do with this?I dunno. But yeah, i was pretty pissed because i was not dragged to medbay by the guy who came to save the hop, and because he wanted to ally with this guy. So yeah, i apologize for my behaviour, heat of the moment took control over me, but i was finally an antag and boom that shit happens. I guess i really should read the “i can stay calm while playing ss13” guide.


Other people have made shitty threats and have, consequentially, been banned.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Don’t know what you were expecting. Denied.