Banned for a confusion reason. Wish for some clarification

Characters name: Jack ‘Madman’ Faqua
Discord name:sharif baller kid#8790
Round id of ban:23352
Ban message:
Ban appeal: I know that it says that this could appealed only in 6 months but i just started getting back into ss13 and checked out your rules again, and im wondering which rule i broke again.
A quick recap (it’s been a month, so i might have a hard time remembering.):
Came onto the station as a chemist. Had earlier seen a youtube video on a gunpowder bottle trick that resulted in a big bang.
Realizing that most of the time, things like this could be clickbait, I went and tested it myself.
Got the plastic bottles, got the gunpowder, and got a lighter.
Now here’s what the weird thing was: I was banned for valid hunting, but I don’t blame the admin. I had gotten the stuff, put on a spacesuit, and then flew out to the science maxcap testing place.
I detonated the things out there, killing myself in the process.
Now, it says that on the ban i was banned for valid hunting, which i find weird, because i never directly went after any antags. I believe I even told the AI I was going to do nade testing. I was just curious, because after some searching, i discovered that validhunting could be singled down to the idea that as a non security person, you go out of your way to go and chase down antags, which by definition i did not do. The reason I did it was just to test the effectiveness of the bottle thing. I know because it was a permanent ban, i probably wont get unbanned, but i am generally curious. How did i validhunt? I mean no offense, I’m just curious. Also, since it’s been a while, I probably got something wrong in the process, so please correct me so i can get my story straight.

I will stop reading here, wait for the proper time.

Obviously denied.