Banned for an accidental explosion on shuttle

Byond Account: TheHomoHippo
Character Name(s): Homes Hippo
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):TheGayRhinoceros#3356
Round ID of Ban:14257

Ban Message : banned from playing on this device .self antag did a massive bomb on evac and killed everybody aboard you were already talked to about this kind of thing and choose to do it again. if you want to appeal go to the forums at banID(#19138) this ban was applied by Sliggist

State your appeal: It was an accident, I had just made one of my first nitroglycerin grenades and I wanted to try it on a non-reinforced room to see what it could do. The original plan was to wait until the round ended to detonate it. I was up late and my dog started barking at something which scared the shit out of me and I accidentally pressed Z. Also I didn’t kill everyone, or that many people. There was also like less than a minute left in the round so what was I affecting? enough excuses. I always ask CMO permition to make explosives and I don’t think this round was an exception. In regards to talking about this previously, the only time I remember talking about explosives was when a clown attacked me and I threw a small incendiary grenade at him. I haven’t thrown grenades or attacked anyone who wasn’t attacked me on this server.
I really don’t want to get banned because of an accident, this is my favorite server and it would really discourage me to be unable to play. In general I’ve had a really good experience with almost everyone and all of the admins. I think it would be much more reasonable to give me a temporary ban within reasonable proportions. Thanks

This is the risk you take when you prep for EORG. Accident or not, you still likely red texted any traitors who got caught in the mess, and worse, could have crashed the server with the explosion. If you want to test explosives, do so on a private server. Just the day before this ban, you had a grief patrol filed against you for similar nonsense with grenades, so I have a really hard time believing this is an accident or that this is anything but a grief account. Try again in another month if you want to appeal.