Banned for saying "im going to powergame"

  • Byond Account:krzysztof333
  • Character Name(s):Daisuke Nori
  • Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Alucard#1734
  • Round ID of Ban: round_id:#9322 ban_id: 12287
    *Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):banreason
  • State your appeal: So i said near officer that im going to make stun prod and “powergame” she/he said no so i went to chemist that made cryo so i can get synth meat to reattach it as new limbs for meatman …

yes ban he for powergaming with non-existant stunprod. 10/10 clap clap clap

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Yeah I was a medical doctor that round, and aside from the joke I didn’t see him doing any power gaming whatsoever, just bringing in people in crit and what not, normal paramedic shit.

Appealed accepted you can’t be banned for just saying youre going to power game and this ban makes no sense also you were making stuff for meat men who lost their limbs while being a doctor so just doing your job.