Banned for sex?

Byond Account: Spacebard
Character Name(s): I dunno, Williams something, the paramedic
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): spacedegenerate#4632
Round ID of Ban: 22917

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): “Brand new account already breaking core 3, blatant multikey.”
State your appeal:
I looked up core 3 to find out that’s it erp and I just didn’t do it. What the hell?
Don’t know what is a multikey

Line 1012: [2022-11-04 08:45:18.620] SAY: Spacebard/(Dominick Williams) WHERE CAN A N***ER FIND AN ANALYZER? (Medbay Central (88,102,2))
Line 1020: [2022-11-04 08:45:26.236] SAY: Spacebard/(Dominick Williams) Am I fucking blind? (Medbay Central (89,104,2))
Line 1041: [2022-11-04 08:45:49.456] SAY: Spacebard/(Dominick Williams) I make him naked (Medbay Treatment Center (83,104,2))

Censored for the sake of the forum’s filter. The mod wrote the wrong rule. I fixed the ban reason but yeah, you can go fuck yourself.

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