Banned for something I literally didn't do

Byond Account:
Character Name:
Abraxis Cruelty
Discord Name:
M.T. Fuck#7889
Round ID of Ban:
Ban Message:

State your appeal:
I did make a single chloral hydrate grenade, and I did give it to the clown under the pretense that it was space lube. Even told him to be very, very careful with it, as it’s voice activated to go off upon shouting the phrase “SHITSEC!!”, which I was careful enough to not set off as I told him.
And while that much I did do wrong,
There were no more chloral hydrate grenades even made. Not once did I personally set off a single one. And as I was banned, I was actively trying to get higher-ups to give me clearance to SCI so I could SAFELY test other grenades.
As for “lying to an admin”,
No, I didn’t. I told the admin that I did make one chloral grenade, that I did give it to the clown, and that I didn’t set off anything, which is the truth and nothing but the truth. The admin choosing to believe otherwise despite me having been couped up in the pharmacy almost the entire round, in my view, is what the crux of this ban is - The admin choosing to not believe me.
Apparently the logs did say I set one off, as the admin showed me via copypaste during the ahelp talks, however, I legitimately don’t know why because, again, was in pharmacy making other grenades to test safely, because ultimately, my goal that round was to get any semblance of grasp on how smoke works.
Of the three grenades I made,
One was the grenade in question, given to the clown.
The other was a grenade set to go off at my death, which I’ve been told several times by several chemists that the Gods don’t care about, because it is PURELY defensive in use.
And lastly,
A CLF3 smoke, the one I was trying to get SCI access to test safely. And of them, I wasn’t positive even a single one would work as intended. AKA why I wanted to test one in SCI, and why I felt comfortable giving one to the clown - Because worst case scenario, my handiwork, it pops in his pocket and lets out a total of 0 reagants on 0 tiles, at least the way I saw it.
Regardless of all the necessary context,
I personally just don’t see it very good going forward that an admin can tell you what you know for a fact you didn’t do, and then ban you for a week for it, despite you not even having had time to do it in the round.

(Bits from a reply comment I made to this that I’m putting into the main post and then deleting the comment for brevity:)
And I would like to note -
I do have respect for the admins here. I don’t lie to them because I know they have a million murderboning greytides to deal with at any given moment, wasting their time is a fool’s errand when 90% of the time they see through it anyways, so I’m not apt to chance on the 10%.

I’m also not just some shitter who joins a server, raises Hell, gets admin-PM’d and starts with an act. I legitimately just try to play the game, and I legitimately enjoy FulpStation compared to other servers, mainly because it’s full of people who tend to be able to actually teach me something, which has happened several times there which I’m thankful for.

I don’t make this appeal just to jump back on and start being a shitter, I make this appeal so I can play on a server that won’t
A, crash my computer with a million plug-ins or code variations
B, let a guy get off scott-free boning me for no reason
C, actively encourage all antags to mindlessly bone because they’re “allowed to”

And as an aside aside:
I wouldn’t be making this appeal if I was just banned for giving the Clown a chloral grenade and telling him it was lube, because that’s something I actually did. It isn’t that I’m pissy because ban and that’s it, it’s that I was banned for something I just did not do, and “lying” about it. That and I feel, due to the nature of the ban message’s phrasing, that the idea that I “lied” about it in of itself contributes to the ban length itself.

And lastly,
I’m aware Tetracore, the admin in question responsible for the ban, does post here, is active here. And so I’d like to note personally to him, if I may,
I don’t blame you for thinking that I lied, especially if the server logs themselves seemed to speak contrary to what I was telling you.
However, in that case, I really don’t know what I can do but post this, or just eat the ban, something I’d really rather not do because of a lack of other games to play, lack of other playable servers, etc., and so all I can really do is beg and plead that you realize, I’m not just some shitter who picks jobs solely due to destructive capability, I am a player who does try to abide by space law, even if I find the space law in question, well, questionable. Ultimately the choice befalls you, or whatever admin may be seeing this.

I’ll meet you at the middle ground and fix the ban because logs do show multiple going off which does happen sometimes

OOC IC: talking about admins and bwoinking ic
Ban Baiting: giving the clown a grenade that would have gotten them banned for grief
Powergaming/antag prepping: Setting up a kill bomb to go off when you die both makes no sense for a normal chemist to do and would ruin a traitors round if they had you for a target