Banned from HOP & all of sec

Byond Account:Byorn
Character Name(s):Johniooo
Round ID of Ban: last year ish

Ban Message: no clue
State your appeal:
I have no decent excuse for doing whatever i did two years ago and probably desereved the ban but as a rather large amount of time has ellapsed I would really appreciate a second chance.
I have grown and learned quite alot since then and am only here for the fun/laughs now.
I am sorry for what its worth.

You can find the ban message by going in the OOC tab in the top right and looking at your admin remarks.

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Banned from Roles: Head of Security, security, Service Deputy, Engineering Deputy, Supply Deputy, Medical Deputy, Science Deputy, Warden, Detective, Security Officer, Deputy permanently - Round 19817 - As the Warden, left the Brig to go validhunt with Armory lethals. You then shot them at an already-arrested Virologist twice. When I asked you why, you first lied about them being warning shots (despite being directed at them), then lied about only shooting once (and not that the second missed and hit an officer instead). You were warned for shitsec recently, and were permabanned from command, for failing to uphold your responsibilities, so since it seems you aren’t fit to have them I’m revoking it. Appeal on the forums when you’re ready to follow the job responsibilities of Sec.

possibly may be:
Banned from Roles: command, Captain, Head of Personnel, Chief Engineer, Chief Medical Officer, Research Director, Head of Security permanently - Command 1 - alert admins before logging out Failed to notify server staff before logging out as HoS despite recently being banned for suiciding as CE. Appeal on the forum. Round 19612

so am i permabanned?

This ban was placed when you had 118 hours on the server, and your last note was given when you had 122. You currently have 133 hours. This is not enough in-game ttime to show us that you have a better understanding of the rules and that you are ready to play the roles you have been banned from.

This is denied. You can re-appeal once you have accumulated 50 hours on the server without getting a note (so once you have a total of 172 hours).