Banned while AFK for something another miner did

Byond Account: RichPiana
Character Name(s): Evan Wise
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): lusciousliam#0379
Round ID of Ban: 14109
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: As a miner, I went to lavaland, grabbed a suit, went outside and opened my traitor uplink, developing a plan. A minute or so later I ran back inside the mining outpost, as several other miners stepped off the shuttle on their way to mine. I took the shuttle back to cargo and went AFK in a locker to quickly go to the store IRL. 12 or so minutes later, I come back and I am dead, and banned for “bringing the colossus to the station”. I never went more than about 15 meters out of the lavaland base for the couple of minutes I played in the round, and I never baited anything to it. The logs will corroborate that, although I have no idea if they were even checked since the dude who actually did it didn’t get the ban.

I couldn’t have guessed that an admin would decide to boink me while I went to the store, so not much I can do there. As for my bans 2+ years ago on different servers, which I think it’s very unfair to weigh that into a ban, all I can say is that it was my understanding I have a clean slate on fulpstation. At some point I’d like to move on and not be punished for my behavior multiple years ago in other communities

This is my ban, so I won’t be handling it, but for some context:
Here’s where it was firing at you on the shuttle

and a little later in the mining office

Here are your two current permabans from Yog and Bee

And you also DM’d me to discuss your ban and accuse me of not reading the logs, which is a violation of our Discord rules

Am I the miner logged as the very first interaction with the colossus? That would be impossible since I never went near it until it was apparently shooting me while I was AFK, and was on lavaland for no more than 3 minutes. You are punishing the wrong player.
As for discord, I didn’t know that was a rule but it’s quite frustrating being punished for something somebody else did, supplemented with things I did 2, and even 4 years ago being held against me today in 2021

You were shot inside the shuttle and also called the shuttle up, anyone looking at the logs mid round would get to this conclusion, more with only the other miners’ side of the story since you didn’t answer while still not having the disconnected/SSD tag.

About your past behaviors, both times you didn’t take the ahelp seriously so there is no reason to give you an inch, even more with a previous permanent ban here, jumping to the ban again and asking you to answer here is the right thing since it would look like you are just ignoring in game to avoid having to explain.

Still it was likely another miner’s mistake since they called the shuttle down right after you and that was the trip that transported the colossus.

Accepted, do remember that saying you broke the rules by saying a ton of racial slurs on this server but it was 2 years ago so it shouldn’t escalate won’t help you in any way.