Barrista Service Role and Coffee Shop

Basically a sidegrade of the bartender. Instead of getting people drunk, you get them full of adrenaline! A coffee shop is located near the canteen and bar looking similar to a Starbucks. You can both sell coffee which you mix and match like alchohol, and pastries which you can either cook or get from cargo/kitchen depending on the desired mechanics of the admins. Coffee gives the adrenaline effect which makes you faster and faster at doing things, and yes it includes getting out of cuffs. Nothing much just a fun but somewhat useful role.

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So it’s for powergaming?
LISTEN DAWg there’s like this thing called like maintenance pump it’s great for nothin really you know what’s great an IED spear yeah that’s WASSUP.speaking of bombs you know you can INTAKE meth and MAKE bombs with meth yeah fun fact great shit know what im sayin’

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What no I just meant coffee

I like coffee that’s it

no downside? the powergamers beverage…

Alright, maybe we can add tiredness afterwards, which can be added either if the customer drinks too much coffee or alternatively every single time depending on how big the nerf should be. The adrenaline should also be balanced to not be OP, I’d say maybe, 30%ish speed.

I hope you realize the dna vault gives +50% interaction speed and that’s already really OP for an objective which takes the longest to complete
giving +30% for just drinking coffee is blatantly unbalanced

10% then maybe

0% and nothing else changes

Fine, I guess that’s fine