Bartender has a powertrip

Byond Account: Crispyyy
Character Name(s): Patches
Discord Name: Crispyyy#4914
Round ID: 14184
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: Mr. Lightbulb
What happened: I was running around as clown putting stuff in my fridge then delivering it to random departments, i had officer beepsky in the fridge and was ransoming sec for him so i brought him back into my room and the bartender came back told me “you arent allowed in the bar” then shot me and kicked me until i was crit-ed, locked me in the fridge and let me die. eventually the brig phys came to rescue me (not sure if the bartender called for him or he saw my vitals). I tried ahelping to no responce.!


Resolved this, thank you for letting us know!