Baseless arrest warrants

BYOND name: Ariasin
Character name: Hugs-The-Humies
Discord name: SpicyGwyndolin#7310
Round ID: 10496 - 10498
Character name: Jipi Mortal
BYOND name: Unknown

What happened: I joined the game at around minute 90 and proceeded to play a normal assistant round, meaning I tried to get loot out of the tool vendor by repeatedly throwing a spear at it. Shortly after getting crushed I got a PDA message, It said I was fined for something along the lines of “STEALING A SECOFFS GEAR!!”, which I knew I didn’t do. I brushed it off and decided to play a round as an atmospheric technician. I went to medbay to heal the burns from fulped supermatter. It was there I got flashed, cuffed and thoroughly searched by average security staff that doesn’t know how to check the warrant details. This time I was apparently trying to “BREAK INTO SECURITY!!”. Round 3, I singed up as a sec off so I couldn’t get griefed again. This round Jipi got demoted for issuing false reports and harmbatoning. I’m pretty sure this is not a metagrudge since he seemingly reported random people.

Would like to add that I gave Jipi an absolute last warning for shitsec behaviour earlier and possible metagrudge, though after this incident. If whoever investigates feels the additional information provided here is worth tipping it into a sec ban, I’m for it.

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Hi there! This issue has now been dealt with, thank you for reporting it and have a nice day!